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How 1 Minute of Film Can Change a Brand
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Not to ago this was known as the world of television commercials, but with the change in network consumption and a massive shift to social media, outdoor short film production has become a very realistic marketing tool for a good outdoor brand. With a low budget and some creative social media marketing skills, a outdoor short film production can become the silver bullet for a outdoor brand.

In the world of Facebook, just like Google, they thrive off of algorithms. It is ultimately a code that helps cut through the millions of pieces of content to say what is good and what is not. Over the past couple of years Facebook (as well as google) algorithms started to favor video content. What that means is for a one on one street fight between a blog post, a picture, a text, and a video, the video almost always wins.

What that translates to as a marketing operation and outdoor brand is more bang for your buck. Our recent social media campaigns showing video engagements as cheap as $0.002 per one. A staggering 500 views for $1. Now do not get too excited because not all video posts, video content, and video ad campaigns are created equal.

While filming ‘Project Upland’ Northwoods Collective Creative Director A.J. DeRosa told his team “we can make the best film in the world but if we do not have the pictures to promote it, its worthless”. That divulges into the shallow world of judging a book by its cover. We all do it whether we like to admit it or not.

Further than just a good cover shot for a film comes the idea of a well written short blurb that sparks interest in an Outdoor Brand. It is storytelling in outdoor short film production that delivers the promise of something great to make the click to the next step an easy one.

“The havest is incidental to the story, the story is not incidental to the harvest.”


Facebook promoting is a powerful tool for any brand both big budget and low. It is a place where we will get the most value for advertising. Facebook advertising is easy in most respects but a well targeted campaign can save lots of money. Dangerous Cow Publishing wasted a lot of its time and money finding the sweet spot that we now use to help market other people’s brands. Now do not let that scare you but remember, it is not as easy as a few random clicks to success, it takes a well planned approach to maximize a budget.

Do not be the company that spends all the time in the world getting a film in front of people for the views to ultimately come out saying “that sucked”. We need to leave people feeling emotions. We want people to feel the need to get up and go hunting right then and there! (Watch the ‘Project Upland- Official Trailer’). People want to be visually blown away as well as feel a part of what we present (‘Blogging our way to Outdoor Lifestyle Brands’).


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