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How and why to avoid the trap of buying likes
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Hits, views, likes, follows, shares, and whatever other term may describe a pitch to why our company should work with someone. It is a world that replaced TV ratings and subscription base since the onset of the hunting social media movement and the World Wide Web. It has done wonders for all industry but not without opportunity to cheat the system.

As a company, we have come across this dilemma far more often than real “organic” traffic. Facebook pages that boast hundreds of thousands of likes. Websites that push over a million views. There is just one major problem, they are not real.

In more than one marketing meeting we have been told “well such and such’s page got 150,000 likes in 3 months”. It comes to be a frustrating topic when we know it is all an illusion, the product of the hundreds of websites where you can buy Facebook or Instagram likes, website traffic, and video views. Quite honestly, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if the traffic purchased were people truly interested in the topics. But it is not a consumer audience.

The facts point out the reality of how bad these methods truly work, not just for the outdoor company that did it, but for our own outdoor brands. A staggering rate of only 1% engagement rate on “purchased likes” on a third party site for a facebook page. Now when we say purchased we mean sites that advertise stuff like “$7 for 1000 likes!” and “Delivered in 48 Hours!”.  Facebook advertising is a much different beast. With engagement rates starting with newbies at over 8.5% and with a well-seasoned social media management company (Northwoods Collective) as high as 40%.

“Think about what people are doing on Facebook today. They’re keeping up with their friends and family, but they’re also building an image and identity for themselves, which in a sense is their brand. They’re connecting with the audience that they want to connect to. It’s almost a disadvantage if you’re not on it now.”

Mark Zuckerberg - FACEBOOK FOUNDER

Have you ever seen the Facebook page with 250,000 likes on the page that cannot break 50 likes on a post? Well that is a red flag. Plenty of companies will try and keep up the image. Buying even likes on each post, but eventually the system breaks down because of cost and time. Everyone fails in these models, the company who did it, and the companies who unknowingly associated with this hunting social media scam.

Word of mouth has changed, but it is not dead. The simple factor is that if real people are interested they are going to share it. When we see reputable industry people, friends, and family reshare blogs, and videos we are seeing the new age of “word of mouth” or as the social media world calls it- “Organic Traffic”.

Even further than the internet, the old world of word of mouth is still there in the form of people talking about it at the local gun club, outdoor conferences, and trade shows. But as companies representing the industry we need to be wiser to it than ever.

At the end of the day we all know that content is king. When things just do not feel right we need to take a hard look at the content. Is it high quality, has it shown consistent improvement, does it seem interesting to us? The list is rather endless and something we have always relied on.

At Northwoods Collective we specialize in custom hunting social media marketing campaigns. Plans as cheap as $50 a week to put real and engaging content in front of current fans and that draw new ones! It is more than just a post, a click, and a “virtual” world. It is an easy accessible and free platform for customers, fans, and anyone who stumbles upon it to gain knowledge and turn from a like to a buy.



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